Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Doors and windows installed

The doors and windows will be fully installed by the end of today. This work has been done by Matt and Nash from Specialist Doors and Windows who have done a brilliant job. The roof should be complete soon and that means the house will actually be lockable. Unfortunately, the dogs can no longer play on the slab and their favourite game of hide and seek has fewer hiding/playing spots!!

The southern wall

The southern wall, some western wall, and part of a water tank with Sarah's unfinished Milky Way mural on it!!

The northern wall, some western wall, raised vegetable beds, lots of rubbish, and part of our $100 swimming pool!!

Holly realising that playing dress-up isn't as much fun as racing around the walls like a lunatic whilst Humphrey looks dismayed as boys don't play dress-ups.

Trusses installed

Western facing wall

Southern facing wall

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Walls and Lintels

Finally some updates

Humphrey and Holly! The two best dogs on Earth.

A fish pond which is part of the drainage system.

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