Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Building Our Home! Finally!

Above is the north-west corner of the main slab. In the background is the double garage (which WE built) and in which we stay when onsite building. The reason for the difference in colours is the age of the blocks. The darker blocks haven't yet dried out. It takes a few days until they attain their final colour. You can see the final colour if you look at the garage in the background.

This is the south-west corner. You can see the pipes fed through the blocks. The ones wrapped in orange are to conduct electricity across to the garage. The small white one is for a power point.

This is the north-east corner. No blocks built there yet but as you can see the molds are in place ready to go.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rain and Electric Fences

Due to poor weather we couldn't work outdoors so I used this 'opportunity' to assemble the circuit board for our soon to be electric fence. I am building the electric fence from scratch as the commercial systems are just too expensive considering what they contain and do.
I am using a 12V car battery with the circuit board pictured above(tiny isn't it?) to drive an old car ignition coil. It has a variable pulse rate and costs in total around 15% the cost of a commercial energiser. You can obtain plans for this and other handy circuits at Chemelec. The plans are all free and as an additional service Gary provides kits for most of his designs.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blogger Followers

I have added a new feature to the Blog. It may not be that new but it is new to me. It is called Followers and is to the right of this page. Just click on follow and you will be kept up to date on everything that happens. Hooray!

Construction restarting soon

We will be restarting construction within the next two weeks. Hopefully we will be able to recommence this weekend. Photo's, etc, to come. The story of my $11 home-made electric fence will also be told for those trying to do things on a budget or just good old DIYers.

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