Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Greetings to Owner Builder readers

Our building project is in the current edition of the Australian magazine 'Owner Builder'. We must apologise for the lack of updates due to the fact that I dislocated my elbow and then just as it was nearly 100% better I fell and broke my wrist. Hopefully the splint will be off this week and we can recommence building.
I have changed the comments to allow unregistered visitors to comment if they wish so feel free.

Colin & Sarah


  1. surely that computer must be fixed by now. how about some new pics?
    did you get much done over xmas on the shed?

  2. Anonymous2:10 pm

    Looks Great, seems you got handy after you left school. Drop me a line sometime.

    Greg Benardos

  3. Hello Colin & Sarah,

    Happy New Year. Your project looks terrific! I much appreciate that you both are sharing your buildings progress, etc., with us all on the net.

    I'm looking into building a home of cement stabilised earth (sandy loam) and possibly using Formblock. May we correspond directly? I have many, many, questions :-) You will find a contact for me at "The Baffle" website.


  4. PS

    To get to "The Baffle" you can either click Webmaster said...

    Or use this URL www.bafflecreek.com.au

    Then at "The Baffle" click the button Email Webmaster.


  5. Anonymous11:18 am

    rmd askes since you published in the OB mag does it mean that your web site/blog will remain frozen and not updated? It happened to the 'Two Hoots" guy. I am wondering if you plan any updates? Or do they have to first appear in OB mag?

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