Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Building Our Home! Finally!

Above is the north-west corner of the main slab. In the background is the double garage (which WE built) and in which we stay when onsite building. The reason for the difference in colours is the age of the blocks. The darker blocks haven't yet dried out. It takes a few days until they attain their final colour. You can see the final colour if you look at the garage in the background.

This is the south-west corner. You can see the pipes fed through the blocks. The ones wrapped in orange are to conduct electricity across to the garage. The small white one is for a power point.

This is the north-east corner. No blocks built there yet but as you can see the molds are in place ready to go.


  1. Anonymous8:42 pm

    much appreciated now i understand the blocks and electric progressive wiring

  2. Hi Colin and Sarah,

    I am Gary McGuigan form Formblock Australia, I just came across your blog page while surf the net. I have had an enjoyable time checking out you Blog.
    You bought a kit from us, back in 2002. I hope things have been going well for you? Seems to be steadily but surely.
    We are currently in the process of updating our website, and I would like to ask if you would be agreeable for us to include a link to your blog on our website? Kind Regards

  3. Hello Colin and Sarah, I actually came across your site via the link at Thanks for sharing your "owner building" experience !! My wife and I are very interested in following your progress. We actually reside in Darwin, however we purchased a large vacant rural block in Victoria in 2008 and definitely intend to move down in a few years. Since buying the block we have been pondering our building options. I checked out the "formblock" option a couple of years ago and have recently visited the site again. Anyway, I have some questions and I hope you don't mind supplying some advice - 1. what formblock kit did you purchase for your project, 2. did you have to have a number of test blocks checked by an engineer before you started building, 3. did you have any problems finding an draftsman / architect to produce the building plans, 4. any major problems with the local council and 5. You are building on a slab and it looks like you laid the first row of "formblocks" directly onto the slab. In that I mean it does not look like you needed reo rods sticking out of the slab to go into the first row of "formblocks" ? Anyway, I would appreciate any additional advice or information you can offer. Thanks again for the inspiration !! Regards, Peter & Tracy

  4. @Peter - I am not sure if anyone got back to you if I didn't my email is any queries please direct them there and we will be more than happy to help in whatever way we can. Will have updates for the blog shortly too.

  5. Hi friend..Thanks for your inspirational write up.Its really amazing.I will try to go as soon as possible.

  6. Never seen a website like this.Fantastic home plan.I appreciate you friend.Thanks for sharing.

  7. This home plan is amazing.Really its more helpful.Thank you so much for sharing dear.


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